What is a mortgage Adviser?

  • A mortgage Adviser’s main role is to guide you through the home loan process. The Adviser will assess your total financial situation to make recommendations about the sort of home loan that is appropriate, and will act as your advocate in the process with lenders.

    Mortgage advisers make the home loan process more approachable and understandable for a range of clients, from first-time home buyers to rental investors looking to acquire that next property.

  • How does a mortgage adviser get paid?

  • The mortgage adviser we work with do not charge upfront fees. They are typically paid salaries from the Financial Advice Provider (FAP) they work for. So they are not incentivized to apply for more than you need. For more information please refer to our disclosure information
  • Why should I use a mortgage adviser?

  • Every mortgage adviser we match you with has the experience of dealing with the home loan process. Why do it yourself when someone can help you navigate this process. Many people choose to use a mortgage adviser because of the amount of time and stress they can generally save you.
  • What qualifications do mortgage Advisers have?

  • All our Financial advisers are engaged by Financial Advice Providers (FAPs) and are authorised to give Financial advice on behalf of these providers.
  • What is Pre-Approval?

  • Pre-approval is the process of submitting all the relevant documentation to the lender and they will give you a indicative loan amount depending on your personal circumstances such as income, savings assets and debts.